One of the best ways to gain backlinks and instant traffic now days, is social bookmarking. We have Digg,, mixx pliggs and many many more – all are websites with visitors and they are categorized which means your link is under a relevant category which is very good for SEO.

There are practically thousands of these websites, this means that you can actually gain thousands of backlinks which will improve your ranking, furthermore since these social bookmarking sites are very popular you will also enjoy a boost of traffic to your website which will increase your sale and of course money making.


Before you go ahead and manually add your website to these social bookmarking websites, let me show you a nice tool, a software which will do it automatically within minutes and minimum effort on your part.

This software is called Bookmarking Demon.

This software will automatically submit your website to unlimited number of bookmarking websites will save you a lot of time and effort – and time is money. This will actually free your time to deal with other aspects of running your online business.

One of the most important aspects of SEO is link building, one of the most important factors for online money making is visitors to your website – with this great tool you get both instantly and easily.


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