Social Bookmarking

Originally, social bookmarking was intended to let users publish their bookmarks for other users to see. This way we’ll know which are the most popular bookmarked sites that are the most popular sites on the internet.

Eventually we got to the point where social bookmarking services like Digg, and others became a great source for relevant links (relevant by category) and an even greater source of free traffic (depends if your bookmarks get to the first page).

Search engines sees of great importance if your website or blog appears on Social bookmarking services, it’s as if it gives them an indication that this website is loved by the people. This is why you need to make sure your website is there, in as many bookmarking services as possible.

It’s not necessarily that your link will get a pagerank juice as some of the links are “no follow” links, furthermore some of the links are even hidden (like digg for example) although there are ways to bypass that “nofollow” and hidden links issue. If your site is mentioned there you are there.

There are currently thousands of social bookmarking services and it will be a mission impossible to have your website posted to each and every one of them, well, it is possible but it will cost you a lot of time to do that.

This is why there are Social Bookmarking submission services which are intended to save time for the webmaster or website owner. By using these services you are basically submitting your website to hundreds of social bookmarking services (you get a detailed report at the end) all that without you having to do anything but pay.

So what’s the value in that again?

  • Traffic - If people will love your submission (let’s call it “the submission” because you don’t actually submit), you are going to get a lot of traffic.
  • Links – You get incoming links which are of importance to Search engines and so have great value for your website, this means that these links have a great SEO value for you.
  • Time Saver – when using a service like the one below – you save time and money by letting others do the job for you.

The bottom line – if you are serious about SEO, you should use social bookmarking as one of your Search Engine Optimization methods.

The following service will assist you with automatic social bookmarking submission which is very important both for instant free traffic and for website’s SEO.

Bookmarking Demon – an automatic social bookmark submission software. It justifies it high price as it does the job with minimal headaches. If you have the budget, go ahead and get this software it will save you a lot of time and money. It’s great especially if you have more than one website and so it will save you a lot of money submitting multiple websites to Social Bookmarking services.

If you know of a good Social Bookmarking submission service Let us know about it.