Even though Google in terms of SEO strictly forbidden link buying and selling or any means of promotions in a non natural way, Buying and selling text links can mean a lot to you in terms of SEO and in terms of income from your website.

Text Link Ads is a service with which you can both buy and sell link inventory on your website and for your website. This means you can choose a website with a similar category to your website, choose other criteria such as Google Page Rank and Alexa, incoming link for that website, authority website and non authority websites, and buy a link on a specific website or page. With that in mind, you can also sell links on your website or specific pages and earn a few bucks.

How much money can you make selling links with Text Link Ads? It’s totally up to you. You set the price and you set the pages and your website or in other words, your inventory.

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How it works?

The idea is pretty simple, you add your website or specific pages and add a brief description and keywords as well as choose the relevant categories, this way it will be easier for other webmasters to find your site.

You add a small piece of code to your website and everything else is done automatically from here on. A webmaster who wishs to buy a link on your website will pay the amount set by you to TextLinkAds and the link will automatically appear on your website.

Botton line:

Text Link Ads is a great way to gain incoming links and make passive income selling links on your website. The way it is done is SEO friendly as the buying and selling of links is done in a SEO friendly manner, furthermore you as a webmaster are in complete control over the links bought and sold on your website and other websites.

You should try Text Link Ads yourself and see how simple it is and how easy it is to make money with your own website and or buy targeted links for your own website.

To try out Text Links Ads


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