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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a job that is combined from various tasks. These tasks are usually repetitive but there’s one thing in common to all these tasks and that is they are endless. Each and every open of the webmasters out there are using one or many of the SEO tools he can, in order to increase his website traffic. Since the traffic comes from search engines, we are talking aboput what to do on the site and off the site, in order to get more traffic to the website.

The more work we put into SEO, the less control we have over what was already done and if we put all that into actual tasks from the real work of SEO we will soon find out we have created a lot of content pages, built many links to the website, created satellite websites and done a lot of keyword research and competitive analysis.

So far so good, right? But what about that first article we have created and that 10th link we have built to the site, are they still online? Is that link still pointing at our website?
For that we have a solution that will make our job easier and correct, the SEO software. You will not be confused with software you can get out there, most of them will cost you a nice sum of money some worth it and some don’t. Also the ones that guide you on how and where and who are not the ones that will be discussed here as you should take into consideration that you should have the knowledge of “the how to” and don’t count on any software as SEO constantly evolve and you should be up to date with these changes and updates.

The type of SEO software to be discussed is the one that helps you keeping track of your work and manage your existing and future tasks in a way you can optimize your work and time, and of course the bottom line, more website traffic to your source. Imagine an automated way to keep track of all the links you have built, all the articles you have placed online, social bookmarks and so on – SEO software will do that for you. A good keyword research that will tell you which keyword you need to target next, if there’s something that needs to be changed on your website in terms of on-page optimization and so on.

Don’t underestimate the power of working with a software, excel files are nice but they will not pop up alerts if something is wrong and if your SEO project is big (few websites or a highly competitive term/s) you are most likely to lose your way as you do more.

The bottom line is if you are serious about your job as a search engine marketer, find yourself a serious SEO software that will be your work partner and help you perform better.

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