One of the most important aspects of the SEO work is knowing where you are, meaning your position in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), and while this can be done manually by simply performing a search and locating your website, when you have a large number of websites or a large number of keywords you intend to track, this will become a hassle.

There are many keyword tracking services/software but Serpbook is different, better.

It might be the simplicity of getting started, the ability to view more than just the ranking positions (backlinks, page rank, history), the additional functionality like being able to export and import data, the ability to check every possible version of Google as well as Yahoo and Bing - all these and more make this package which is one of the cheapest, to be a very valuable one.

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So what you actually get:

1. Ability to track a certain number of keywords/domains based on the package you choose.

2. All the Google versions and languages there are.

3. History and rank changes alerts.

4. Page rank and Backlinks data.

5. Keyword search volume data (from adwords keyword tool).

6. Preview on the actual location.

7. Export to CSV and PDF and also import if you want to get started faster.

8. The ability to use API to grab the data directly from SerpBook.

On top of all that, the ranking check is done on a daily or on demand basis which enables you to access your score whenever you want.

All these features along with its attractive pricing makes this solution a very cost effective one for those who need a solution for tracking their website's performance.

Serpbook is definitely one of the best SERP checkers out there, if not the best. To get started you get a free trial period and 10 keywords to try out for free. You will notice from the beginning how easy it is to get started and add your website and keywords and see the ranking immediately.

There are many keyword ranking software that provide the same for a higher price or lower quality like webposition, rankcheckr, webceo, seomoz and so on, it all depends on what you need and how much you are willing to pay for it.

Now it's time to give it a try, simply click here and get started with your trial account.


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