SEO your website

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Building your website and publishing it online is not enough. You need to take several steps if you want your website to appear and rank high in the search engines.

The following steps are just some of the basic steps you need to take as part of your website SEO plan:

1. Keywords – choose the keywords you want visitors to find your website by. You need to have a page for every keyword and the page should be relevant for that specific keyword (it should appear several times on that page).

2. Meta Tags – Title, Keywords and Description needs to be on every page you publish and it needs to be relevant to the page.

3. Links – Inner linking and Outer linking – you need to build links for your website between the pages of your website and from other websites to your website. The linking should be done correctly whereas the anchor text of the link should contain the keyword you intend visitors to find the page according.

4. Website Structure – Your website navigation should be easy both for visitors and search engines.
You need to have as many back links (links from other websites to yours) as possible and they need to be from relevant websites – relevant to your subject.

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Much like content writing and design there are external services who can help you with your SEO but its better you do it yourself as you are involved in all steps of creating the website and you need to have full control of your website.
Be careful not to over optimize your website, spam and keyword stuffing can cause your site to be penalized and removed from Google.

When you are planning and creating your website, you should always think of how the search engine think of your website, it should be easy to navigate, contain relevant content and get as many trust (links) from other websites as possible.