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If you are deep into SEO you probably heard the phrase “Content is King”, the meaning of this sentence is that at the base of the website you are trying to take to the first position in Search Engines lies its content, that content will determine how relevant your website is for the search phrases, whether visitors will stay on your website and the bottom line – how high you will rank.

Many webmasters make a huge mistake making a lot of effort on link building creating a mass of incoming links to their website but neglect their website’s content.

What happens when your website’s content is not good?

  • Visitors leave your website.
  • You lose the edge of other website’s linking to you due to the value of your content.
  • Google sees your website as less relevant.

On the other hand, if your website has good quality content, you will gain the following benefits:

  • Free incoming links from relevant websites who appreciate the good quality of your content and choose to link to it without you asking for it.
  • More traffic to your website from Search Engine due to better relevancy.
  • Higher Ranking – content is one of the main SEO factors and so when the quality of content is high, so will your ranking be.

The problem is that it takes a lot of time and knowledge to write good content, you need to do a research before writing about something unless you are an expert in that field, that research takes time as well as writing that content.

There are solutions to make a webmaster’s life easier in relation to Website Content. One such solution appears on the Buy Traffic Guide Free webmaster Guide and specifically on the Write Your content (or let others do it) page.

You can also use the following service which will help you in saving time and keeping your content a quality one:

Article Rewriter – an excellent time saver which not only rewrites content but also allows you to make sure your content stays quality one and create a lot of content at the same time, it’s also a great tool for link building and specifically article submission as it has a built in function that submits your newly created articles (automatically) to article related websites. Bottom line you get great quality content and easy article submission software.

If you know of other good website content services let us know.

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