Content is king. You know it and most importantly Google knows it. This is why you need a lot of fresh unique and relevant content to get more traffic and rank higher in the various Search Engines.

The problem is that in order to get a large volume of content you need to sit in front of your computer day and night and write that content, and that’s not all as you need to do your research which takes time, type it, proof read it and it all comes down to the bottom line that time is money and in order to save time and save money you need an Article Rewriter.

What is an Article Rewrite

An article rewrite is a software or a service which takes a piece of article and rewrites it in a way that you get a fresh piece of article which is totally unique.

Most software lets you produce rewrites of the same articles for as many times as you’d like. It works in a way that you either choose a few keywords in the text and give the software different variations of these keywords, or you let the software or the service do it on its own. Either way, from my own experience both work and pass the copyscape test.

What is CopyScape?

CopyScape is a service which lets you test your content and find out whether there are suspiciously duplicate content out there on the internet. As you probably know, duplicate content is very bad and can badly affect your website in terms of SEO and ranking.

Most Recommended Article Rewriter Software

I’ve used these software to rewrite content and I was satisfied with the results. I also tried a few services for article rewrite or article spinning which turned up to be good but quiet expensive, we’re talking about minimum $5 per article and when it comes to 100 articles for example, it’s $500 when you can get a software which can do the same job for much less.

  1. Magic Article Rewriter + Submitter and Spinner – Great software which does the job and gives you rewritten articles very easily. It also automatically submits the articles using article submission services. The rewrites are done by the book and easily pass the Copy Scape test and the quality is great. It’s so great I got tons of free links from webmasters who thought the content was very good as a reference!
  2. Article Boxer – This software also provides original article writing (auto), I didn’t like it and the original article sucked. It did well on the rewrite side of things though. It cost more than the Magic Article Rewriter as it carries a monthly cost.
  3. Both software has a money back guarantee policy so you can get your money back if you don’t like the result.

    Save yourself some valuable time with a decent article rewriter software and you will be able to publish a lot more content in a short period of time with minimal effort and low cost.

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