Search Engine Optimization is all about content (content is king) and as a webmaster you are in charge of making sure your website content not only answers the technical aspect of SEO but also interest your visitors and your target audience.

InboundWriter is the perfect solution for creating relevant up to date content that really interest your visitors and bound to increase your traffic by providing "hot" content that will reach audience interested in that content as you write it.

Sounds good doesn't it? It is good. Inbound Writer is a wordpress plugin that gives you a feedback as well as suggestion on how and what to write about while you are writing.

Inboundwriter Score

Content score with InboundWriter

How does it actually work?

  • Sophisticated search engine that performs a search in social media as well as search engines finding keywords that are relevant to your predefined keywords and suggesting keywords you should write about in order to become more relevant to these keywords and hot topics.
  • You are being "graded" for your content based on the level of writing, the formation, the title and the subject of the content. You will be giving tips in order to make your content more readable.
  • The keywords you will write about will trigger live search within social media and Google and you will come up within the results. Since you will have a better written article, most chances you will obtain some new readers.
  • Better engagement and social sharing.

One of the latest Google panda updates deals with the relevancy of content in terms of freshness and InboundWriter is a great way to show Google what your website is worth.
If you thought building links will improve the traffic and increase traffic to your website, think again. InboundWriter will help you with the content and bring you to a level you never imagined you can be. This plugin is perfect for any type of website (considering it's using wordpress) whether it's a eCommerce website, a regular blog or an affiliate website.

Give this plugin a try, you can download it for free - you have nothing to lose.

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