Small Strategies that can Attract Big Traffic

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Small Strategies Attract more traffic

Remember the saying best things come in small packages? Well, it also applies with your strategies when you want to increase website traffic.

In reality, you don’t really need to spend lots and lots of money or even brainstorm a big event just to attract all the traffic that you need for your site. Sometimes, you just have to think small and be innovative enough to get more people.

Some website owners think that for a website to gather that much traffic on their site, you must exert the same effort. Little do some website owners know that even the simplest strategies could work wonders on their website.


We stitched-up some “small package” strategies that can attract and magnetize lots of traffic for your website. Do you think you can try some of these for your own?

1. Be minimalist in informing your viewers about your next promo – Small information may sometimes work wonders, especially if you want to put the thrill back into the spines of your customers!

Giving out teasers does not only give that “excitement” feeling from your viewers, but it also encourages them to stick around more until you give the full details of it.

Just make sure that your teasers are secretive enough to keep them hanging on to their seats while informative enough to ensure that they have the slightest idea of what should they expect on your promo.

2. Add an additional image to your content – Do you usually create contents without images? Or if you do, do you think it is nearly enough to keep your readers from reading the whole content? If not, I advise you to use one right now!

 Images are important not only to give life to your contents, but also to keep their attention from leaving your desired focal point. It would be much better if you use colorful images to keep your viewer’s perspective awake.

But remember, only use images that can pair with your content. Using unrelated images for your content will only worsen it. Use only images or even GIFs (if possible) that can complement your article. In this way, your message will not only be relayed easier, but more effectively that not having any images at all.

3. Get more website traffic by adding one social media site at your dispense – One extra mileage can make a difference for your website. On this case, another extra social media site could make a big difference.

Although one is a lonely number, it’s a big opportunity when it comes to social media sites. Sharing your contents to another different social media site and you might receive more unprecedented viewers waiting for your contents.

See? You can still easily get website traffic just by exerting miniscule effort in advertising and in twitching your website’s content. You don’t need to get everything into havoc or spend big chunks of money for a group of traffic. All you need is luck, knowledge and a little bit of determination to get the traffic that you are dreaming off! That's all webmasters, Small Strategies that can Attract Big Traffic.