The Buy Traffic Guide team came up with the seal of approval idea when we discussed the website traffic phenomena. We all agreed that it is sometimes hard to tell the difference between sites that offer nothing but scam and fraud, and sites that actually provide what they promise.

As the discussion progressed we realized that there are some conditions that every true, professional non-fraudulent site must have and must provide. We decided that we should make sure that the traffic providers have fulfilled those conditions, and we should let everyone know. That is why we wanted to take a great idea that was already on the web, and make it better. We bought BuyTrafficGuide.com, an existing site, and we are making it our own. Here we can let everyone know what a provider is worth by awarding sites that fulfill our conditions with our SOA – Seal of Approval.


Sites that have the above seal are sites that we think are good traffic providers.


Sites that have the above seal are sites that we think are bad traffic providers.

Here you can find an explanation on what we think a good traffic provider is:

Provide only real visitors

We all know that it is possible to generate pings that register as visitors; this is unacceptable. Not only is that kind of scam and fraud not helpful, it is harmful. We really don’t need short 'time on site' or high 'bounce rate' statistics. Search engines don't like it, and if there is something that any day old Webmaster knows, it is that keeping the search engines happy with us is a must.

Same thing goes for providers who count hits as visitors. We all know that a hit is the number of times the website communicates with the server, and we all know that every picture that is uploaded on the site is a hit. That means that one visitor can generate a lot of hits. Providers that consider hits as visitors are not honest, and are most likely a scam.

Use only legal methods of advertising

Obviously webmasters can't have the traffic provider doing something illegal in their sites' name, which could get the webmasters in some serious trouble, which is why this condition is so important. But moreover we at the buytrafficguide team are not just Webmaster and SEO fanatics, we are also people who love the Internet and use it daily. The illegal ways of advertising are trash generating methods, that let's be honest, the Internet simply does not need. We can't stand getting spam e-mail, and those we don't immediately delete without opening, we open just so we can know who to never buy from again. So it's important to us that the methods traffic providers use, are legal.

Reveal at least some of advertising methods

We still remember the times when people where suspicious about buying on Amazon. Today nobody thinks twice about it. We learned to trust the Internet, and the security measures taken by websites. However the internet is still a place of anonymity and as such it is sometimes hard to know who you can trust, especially when it comes to money. That's why we think that transparency is one of the most important things on the Internet. To claim to provide traffic through secret methods is just suspicious and smells of fraud. We do however accept that it is possible to have innovations and techniques that are unique and new, so we are allowing some secrecy.

Provide the services offered

Well, that kind of says it all. You promise something, we paid for it, and now be a site of your word. That goes for the traffic services and any other services the traffic provider offer, since many of the providers offer additional services.

Offers customer services or contact information

That is pretty obvious. We spoke of transparency already, and a way to contact the provider is a MUST. What else is to be said about that?

Offer a refund in cases where the deal is canceled or the terms are not fulfilled

We think this is important. Every business that is sure of its services will not hesitate to offer a refund especially if it has many customers and knows that it can't satisfy all of them, and especially if it indeed did not provide the service in full. Most providers we checked offer pro-rate refund; if the traffic is real we think that is a fair refund.

So, those are our conditions and expectations from all the traffic providers out there, and that is the significance of the Seal of Approval given by Buy Traffic Guide. We would like to emphasize that we believe that those terms are important and we will try to enforce them, however, we are not a legally recognized organization, and we don't have any way to enforce those conditions. Therefore we cannot take any responsibility for any experience you may have with the traffic provider. That said, we will love to hear anything you have to say about the providers in the provider's review section.