Advantages of YouTube Views

The main aim of uploading a video on YouTube is to get an audience. The more the views, the more the audience for the video, the more the opportunities and there will be more chances of monetizing. There is no doubt about the advantages of YouTube views for your brand, YouTube views are quite important for any video to get the audience it is aimed to get. However, as much as the views are important, viewer retention also carries a whole lot of weight. YouTube has started putting a lot of emphasis on viewer retention just as much as views. However, no matter which of the two is more important, the thing is that people want their videos to get the right amount of attention. Basically, getting a good audience for you videos will require one to put in mind a number of factors. This includes optimization and building of links as well as making sure the production is top notch.

Obviously, in order for any YouTube video to be a success, it has to be in one way or the other relevant to viewers. Basically, the relevance of the video can only be seen if the video caters for all the needs of the viewers. Most people tend to look at their videos in their own perspective rather than that of the viewers. Does your video answer the questions of the viewers? Does it help them solve their problems? These are some of the questions that you should ask yourself before going about uploading the video. In order to understand exactly what it is the viewers are after, one can use Google Ad Word Keyword tool in their research. This will give you a brief scope on what exactly to use in your videos.

Research has shown that most YouTube video viewers decide whether or not to watch a video in the very first 15 to 10 seconds. This duration is by far the most important any video. Therefore, when producing any video, one should pay particularly high attention to theses first second in order to reduce the number of viewers that might opt to abandon watching the video. First impression is what matters! The key is to add ‘pop’ to theses first second. Use vibrant music in the introductory part and use catchy titles or phrases. Simply make the viewers believe that watching the video will be worth every minute they use up. Make sure to engage the audience in theses seconds. This will go a long way in improving your views.

In addition to all theses, make sure that your YouTube videos are in line with your blogs. Normally, majority of bloggers tends to post quite irrelevant videos to their YouTube pages and still expect people to watch the videos. Nobody wants to waste their time watching irrelevant content. If possible, build links for the YouTube videos in your blogs and come up with specific blogs for the video. Give a brief description of what the video is about in the blog then post  the link. On the YouTube page, give the video a catchy title. This is to gain the attention of those who have not yet visited your blog. This is what majority refer to as ‘on page video SEO’. The same can be done on your Twitter and Facebook pages; post your YouTube video links.


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