Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing has been adapted by a good number of online entrepreneurs mainly because of the idea that this social networking site reaches out to more than a billion numbers of users nowadays. Facebook marketing is actually an art and you shouldn’t stop in merely creating a profile or a fan page if you want it to become a tool for your marketing success.

• Use features which are advantageous to you. When you are doing Facebook marketing, you have to keep in mind that all features can provide you with potential benefits. Fan pages and group pages are created for a reason and that is to collectively gather people with the same interests. While using such features, you can use your group messaging system and send out bulk invitations without having to click each person that you will be sending your information. Additionally, the Events feature lets you invite people even when they are not a fan of your page or a part of the group.

• Bring your brand’s personality to the page. Just like a blog or a website, nobody wants to visit a page that looks too simple that it becomes close to bland rather than elegant and modern. Post updates regularly. Use the profile photo with interesting high resolution images so that it stands out from the bevy of other interesting thumbnails. Currently, the timeline allows you to upload an additional timeline cover so make sure that you post a relevant and eye-catching image as well.

• Hold polls and contests. To strengthen your Facebook marketing strategy, contest and polls encourage potential members to become fans of your site so they can take part in your contests. You will not only give an award to the winner, it will also gain you with good publicity. Make sure that you stand by your mechanics and that your guidelines adhere to the terms and conditions that are set by Facebook.

• Use Facebook Ad Options. Create a good recall if you are planning to post an ad on Facebook.

• Observe legal conditions and rules set by Facebook. If you are running a business, you probably have your own logo and header to start with. Use your own images and not those which have been copyrighted especially if they belong to certain brands and companies who use the image for their ad campaign. Additionally, read the Facebook guidelines to know which images are considered as prohibited content.

• Be familiar with Facebook Insights. One tool that can be useful for your Facebook marketing is the Facebook Insights application which can track the statistics that goes on in your Fan page through the member metrics. By carefully analyzing the data that Facebook Insight provides, you can determine whether or not your events and your promotions are effective. The Facebook Insights application also keeps count of likes, unlikes and daily fan count.

Remember- Facebook marketing and other social ways to ring traffic to your site, will never rep[lace the need to buy traffic in order to have targeted traffic in your site. Social in general and Facebook especially are important, but in addition to the other ways to bring traffic and high quality traffic.

The tools and features that are available in Facebook nowadays make it easier for you to take part of Facebook marketing. Remember that these tools are merely here to help you with your goals to promote your page. What is more important is that you understand how Facebook marketing works in order to ensure a higher probability in succeeding.