Google Plus Marketing

While Facebook and Twitter remains the social networking media du jour, there is no denying that Google Plus is slowly coming close. It is projected that Google Plus will gain more followings from people who have adapted early into the system and those who are more into the technical details of social networking sites. Add to that, Google is currently the most well-used search engine to date, and it wouldn’t hurt that as an online entrepreneur, you could consider Google Plus marketing as a part of your promotional technique. Even with the lack of profiles for businesses and brands, Google will most likely develop an improved version of it, and you can still take advantage of their individual profiles while waiting for these features.

So how do you start up if you aim to use Google Plus marketing in your promotional strategies?

• Find your potential clients. A big part of marketing lies in knowing who your target audience is, and the same thing goes when you want to delve into Google Plus marketing. Although all social networking sites host millions of people worldwide, there is a large possibility that your target market will become members of certain groups or forums. Look out for them once they connect the group or make their circle within Google Plus and then you can start on with your Google Plus Marketing.

• Take advantage of Google Plus Circles. One feature in Google+ that you can use for your Google Plus Marketing is the Google+ Circles. Even when you are under the same circle, you can still categorize the types of people and send information to them depending on their interests. This way, you can separate business-related contacts from personal ones and send links, photos, status according to what are relevant to them.

• Build your profile. Just like any social networking site, your profile will say the most about you, so make sure that it looks good in order to attract potential clients and establish new contacts. Take a decent headshot that will stand out from all the thumb links that most people will see at first glance. Google Plus also has a live link feature in their introduction which makes it even more beneficial for your Google Plus marketing since you can place your website, your blog or other business-related profiles that you have from other social networking sites.

• Encourage people to visit your Google+ profile and be open for business. This means that since you are using Google Plus marketing strategies, take advantage of the fact the Google is the search engine with the highest number of users. If your profile is open for search, it will have a higher probability to be indexed when you enable search visibility so that your Google+ profile comes up once people start searching for keywords relevant to your Google Plus account. If you add a video to your introduction profile, it will also probably rank higher in Google’s search index.