Buy Twitter followers

So you've got something to say. Philosophical quotes about love and life. Hilarious one-liners parodying popular celebrities and politicians. Serious news about finance, real estate, or the stock market.

And through all these, you hope to either generate ads on your website because people are attracted to your wit and advertisers want to reach your thousands of readers. Or you hope to peddle to your audience merchandise related to your content. If you've read through our other articles on generating website hits or increasing them, you'll know that one of the tips we often give is to create an account of your website on various social networking sites. One of these is Twitter. Fitting your marketing strategy in 140 characters is a challenge that's fun to take on. But if you do manage to do so successfully, will it matter if no one sees it anyway?

Here's an idea for you: why not buy Twitter followers? There are a lot of sites that offer these services. Pay X amount of dollars in order to gain Y amount of followers. (The great thing about this is that most services are cheap.) Some of them will ask for your account information, while some don't. Make sure these sites are legit before giving any of the deets. Say you've been able to buy Twitter followers so that the number above the 'FOLLOWERS' is now a Yippee!-inducing 1,001 from an initial 1. What does this give you?

Credibility. Or the appearance of it, at least. Because you're so popular, other people in the Twitter verse will stumble upon your account, whether it's because you've been retweeted, or you've popped up on their friends' 'FOLLOWING' lists. By buying Twitter followers, just like buying traffic and gaining more of them, you'll be able to rank higher in the results generated by search engines. This creates a domino effect. If you're found more easily online, then you are more likely to be clicked, and followed too. But remember that buying Twitter followers is not the answer to repeated visitors to your site. Neither is it the solution to selling your merchandise.

Cheesy, but the answer lies in you. It lies in you creating awesome Tweets that people will want to retweet, to share, to reply to, even. You want to intrigue them about your site, about your product, about yourself. You will only be able to do that, to really engage your audience, by posting Tweets that contain interesting information, consistently and constantly.

A good idea when buying Twitter followers is to specify a target audience. Look for Twitter users who are interested in your topic. These people are more likely to read your Tweets, head to your website, and buy your merchandise. I can give you a hundred or maybe a thousand and maybe one million good reasons why you should buy twitter followers, but I guess you know the benefits in having a lot of followers just waiting to do as they are told, follow your links and do as you say. Lots of traffic services are selling social plugs in order to build one stop shop for the webmasters. 

The problem is that ever since the first service selling twitter followers became available, a lot of fraud and scam became available with it.

When you buy twitter followers you actually buy an account full with twitter accounts attached to it. These may as well be fake twitter accounts (and they say that twitter is the fastest growing community, well maybe fake community) and this means you were actually scammed.

There are good and honest services in which you can buy twitter followers, these are basically accounts that were set up to collect followers in specific criteria and category and now they are sold by a fixed price. In this case you do get actual twitter followers which means more than everything – money.

When you buy twitter followers you need to make sure that:

  1. The followers are real – actually twitting or active twitter accounts.
  2. The company you buy from is not a fraud – You can find reviews of such scams on the rogue buy traffic guide.
  3. The price will justify the product – 100 followers are not 100 customers, there’s a conversion rate taking place.

Bottom line, buying twitter followers is a good idea if it’s done correctly and if you are not being scammed.