Buy Twitter Posts

Buy Twitter Posts is one of the ways you can bask in the glory of twitter and enjoy twitter traffic, not for free but with many benefits on the side.

The concept of buying twitter posts is to have your website mentioned by various twitters at the same time and by doing so you will become some sort of a trending topic, not as big as a political event, but big enough to get traffic and help your website search engine rank.

The basic idea is to have a lot of different twitter accounts, or actual people with twitter accounts, and have them post something about your website in their twitter accounts, it doesn’t have to be at the same time but it has to be in the same segment of time (week, month).

Sounds complicated? Not necessarily. There are services who can do it for you, providing manual twitter posting service where you can submit your site to twitter.

You can buy twitter posts in bulk, buy 10 twitter posts, 100, 1000 and even buy 10,000 twitter posts it’s all matter of price but it’s well worth the cost since you get:

  • To be the trending topic and enjoy a lot of traffic and targeted traffic for a change.
  • You get a lot of different links to your website at the same time, Google will see it as important – many people like you.
  • A lot for not such a high price. Lets just say that doing that on your own would cost you more.

Bottom line, if you are doing SEO you need something like that and you need to buy twitter posts.

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