Twitter Submission

Ever heard of directory submission? sure you have, well twitter submission is the same but different.

Why different? Because directory submission is the thing of the past and twitter is the new player in the game of SEO.

Google recently added a live search function to it’s search engine and by doing so it actually made a statement that trending topics are important and they will affect search engine ranking.

Twitter is one of the hottest websites, it contains so much information and so many users that you can get a lot of twitter traffic just by being mentioned in one of the twitter accounts.

But what if you don’t need the traffic since it’s mainly untargeted, but you do want the power that twitter can give you in terms of SEO and search engine ranking? That’s why twitter submission services are for. You can submit your website to many twitter accounts at the same time with a small payment and with actually doing nothing.

Unlike other websites, twitter accounts are considered as different websites and different source of traffic, this is why when you get several links from twitter accounts (different ones) you actually get several links from different websites and if you are getting these links at the same time, you are actually becoming a trending topic and then Google sees you as the new hot thing in town.

With a positive effect on your search engine’s ranking, there’s no reason why this can be a bad thing, not only for old websites but for new website as the sandbox effect is not that relevant here (a new website can become a trending topic and grow big from that point on).

This is why twitter submission is going to be the next thing – bigger and better than directory submissions.