Twitter Traffic

Twitter is one of the most popular services on the internet. It is in fact a micro blogging service where you can post up to 140 characters per “tweet”.

Much like other social website you get to have your own army of followers which will follow you where ever you go and do what ever you tell them.

Twitter is a great source to get free traffic, both targeted traffic and untargeted traffic. All you need is some followers or a good topic that will come up in the twitter real time search so that people will know how to find your website.

While I’m mentioning the twitter real time search, it can get you the most targeted traffic you can find, again for free.

Since twitter is such a powerful traffic source and powerful in terms of SEO, any link you get from twitter to your website can mean a whole lot to your website’s search engine ranking.

Twitter traffic is all about getting traffic from twitter and this includes also passive incoming links that Google or any other search engine for that matter, sees as important.

There are a few ways in which you can take advantage of twitter traffic and get either free targeted or untargeted traffic from twitter, or at least get some good link juice from twitter.

Buy Twitter Posts – You can become a trending topic by buying a few posts from several twitter users. Imagine Google sees your website comes up from various twitter accounts, you can become the next Susan Boyle!

Buy Twitter Followers – not a dirty word anymore. You can buy almost anything today and twitter followers or accounts full of followers can be good for you in terms of traffic, especially if these followers are real and they are targeted for your website.

Twitter Submissions – same concept as buying twitter posts, basically paying for people to tweet about your website.

Twitter is here to stay and you can take advantage of that.