Targeted Traffic

It is common to divide website traffic or visitors into 2 main criterion: The first is the traffic origin in terms of geographic location (e.g. Traffic originates from the United States or United Kingdom) and the second is the interest of the traffic or its category (e.g. Traffic seeking for adult content, news, games, gambling and so on).

The exact definition of website traffic according to these 2 criteria determines exactly how targeted the traffic is for a specific campaign.

The most targeted traffic comes from search engines in a form of SEO (search engine optimization) or a PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign. There you can determine the interest of the visitor and its spoken language (considering you are targeting non English visitors), and if you are targeting local countries you can even determine the country most visitors will come from.

Other ways of getting targeted traffic is simply buying traffic from a traffic service and choosing the relevant country and interest or category of the traffic and another way is running different type of campaigns such as a Facebook advertising campaign in which you can choose the country, language and interest of the visitor based on the Facebook user interest. You can also buy an ad space from a relevant website which is ranked high for relevant keywords or share the same interests as your target audience.

The most common traffic categories are: Beauty, Cosmetics Fashion and personal care traffic, Finance related traffic, Gambling traffic and specifically casino traffic as well as other games traffic. Health traffic and Webmaster related traffic are also popular categories and shopping seeking traffic as well as free stuff traffic are also in high demand. Finally and last but certainly not least, adult traffic is one of the most requested form of traffic as the adult industry on the internet is one of the most profitable niche and so traffic is always in demand.

Good targeted gambling and adult traffic is always hard to find. Most chances is that you will get a lot of junk on the way before you find a decent traffic service or find a way to beat all the monsters in SEO. There are no shortcuts here since these categories have a huge competition among webmasters.

The most recommended way to start getting targeted traffic is also the hardest and it’s promoting your website or blog in search engines to get a higher ranking. This is called SEO.

The biggest disadvantage of SEO is that it takes time, it will also cost you some money, depending on the competition level for each niche, the results worth the effort though.

A different way which is easier and cheaper is buying traffic from one of the traffic services. The main disadvantage of this type of way is that you won’t always get what you were looking for in terms of fully targeted traffic.

Either way you choose, make sure to tailor the traffic to your website to get the best results in terms of sales and conversions.

Choose your category and find out how to get your targeted traffic.

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