Domain Redirect Traffic

Increasing the traffic to your website is possible through different methods and one of these is to use domain redirect traffic. Through domain redirect traffic, you can redirect other domains that you also maintain and link it to your main site. Additionally, you can also use domain redirect traffic when you acquired your own domain for your business and you want to transfer all your contents from your old blog or hosted domain. So how does one go through domain redirect traffic in both ways?

Domain Redirect Traffic from related sites:

1. Go to notepad and write “Redirect301/htttp://domainname/. The domain name is the name of your secondary or minor site. Replace the domain name with the name of your primary site.
2. Close the notepad. Rename the file and delete the .txt extension. Instead, use .htaccess for the file name.
3. Go to the hosting site of your minor domain. Upload the file in the root directory of the account or in the FTP site.
4. Follow the last step if you want domain redirect traffic in your other minor sites.

Domain Redirect Traffic from an old or existing account:

• Get your own domain during the first time. The most ideal step that you can take when you plan to take your blogging or your online business seriously is to invest and get your own domain so that you wouldn’t need to go through all the hassles of transferring or linking your domain in the future.

• Create organized methods that will redirect your visitors to your new site. There are several tutorials that you can find online that will help you with htaccess 301 domain redirect traffic. You can take the usual case of using a custom error page but in time, your old domain will lose its ranking since the link is already non-existent. Another method is to use the meta-refresh process for domain redirect traffic, although it can also have its disadvantages in a way since this method is often used by spammers that incorporate bots. The abovementioned method htaccess 301 extension can work in this case, but you need to know which type of domain you are dealing with.

• Redirect your followers and subscribers to your new site with the use of Feedburner URL. Your blog settings have a feedburner option and all you need to do is change the feed URL so that your subscribers are directly transferred to your new site.

Other several ways that you can redirect traffic from your old domain to your new one is to let your contacts know that you have changed domains and if they can change that information in their blog roll. If you are a part of a forum or if you have your domain in your email signature then it is highly advisable to change the link as well.