Guaranteed Targeted Traffic

I’ve come across many websites that garner hundreds of thousands of page views each month and yet generate meager income out of traffic. What this shows is that traffic per se is useless unless you make money out of it. A huge traffic that doesn’t bring you revenue is like a food that’s packed with calories and zero nutrients. It’s not healthy for you. You spend a lot on advertising and promotions, and you get minimal return only. What your site needs most in order to gain optimum success is guaranteed targeted traffic.

Why the hype over guaranteed targeted traffic?

Guaranteed targeted traffic consists of consumers who are interested in the product or service you are offering. Hence, you are more likely to generate sales from them than from consumers who are merely passing by your site. When it comes to generating income for your website, they mean a world of difference.

As for getting guaranteed targeted traffic to your site, it doesn’t matter what method you use. It could be SEO, article marketing, social marketing. Paid programs such as Pay per Click may also bring you success. The surest and fastest way to get guaranteed targeted traffic though is to buy it.

The main reason why you need to drive targeted traffic to your site is to ramp up your site’s conversion rate. The higher your conversion rate, the better the returns on your investment.

Visitors that come and go without responding to your call to action are irrelevant. If they come from sources such as Pay per Click or Affiliate program, it’s even much worse for you: you are paying the said program at a loss. It’s easy to fall victim to click frauds, too, wherein you end up paying for “dummy” visitors.

I’m not saying SEO and paid advertising programs don’t work. In fact, they are very effective, and they promise long-lasting benefits, too. However, you may not be able to afford the risks associated with them.

In this regard, buying guaranteed targeted traffic from a reputable provider will bring more positive results. Guaranteed targeted traffic offers higher conversion rate. A site that gets converts 999 out of 1000 visitors each month earns more profit than a site that gets 10,000 visitors and makes only 99 sales per month. Sites that get plenty of targeted visitors leave their competitors behind.

I understand why many web marketers are hesitant about buying guaranteed targeted traffic. There are rotten traffic providers that ruin the reputation of the industry as a whole. These frauds promise to provide thousands of unique visitors to your site. What they bring instead are cold leads. The trick is to do some research. Find out which targeted traffic providers are legitimate and avoid the spammers.