The Mobile Analytics War

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Mobile Analytics

Mobile is not the future anymore, it's the present. As more and more users are exploring the web and downloading application using their mobile devices, the need for a proper analysis of their behavior increases.

Last week 2 web analytics giants, Google and Clicktale, announced their mobile analytics solutions. While the first one already had a drill down into mobile usage in its Google Analytics reportings, now, it expands into analyzing mobile application usage providing in depth reporting of user's usage of mobile application as well as mobile browsing.

On the other hand Clicktale announced of a Beta launch of it's mobile analytics solution providing a full visual trail of the user's mobile browsing path including exact tracking of mobile phone gestures such as pinching (for zooming in and out), double tapping, scrolling and so on.

There's no doubt that the insights provided by Clicktale's mobile analytics solution will be valuable to mobile application developers as well as mobile websites who wish to optimize and increase the usability of their website.

This war between these 2 giants who provide web analytics for thousands of websites marks the beginning of a new era, no more shooting in the dark for mobile eCommerce sites, and no more figuring out how to optimize a mobile web application, soon all the data will be exposed and mobile user experience will be improved.

Which mobile analytics solution is better?

Google have been providing webmasters with a free analytics solution which is good for both sides, Google and webmasters. Webmasters were getting valuable data about their visitors and Google were getting valuable information about websites and visitors - it's a "win-win" situation.

Clicktale have been around since 2006, providing a completely different approach to web analytics. While Google Analytics gives you insight about the performance of your website's content including referring sites, devices and so on, Clicktale provides you all that as well as the actual path of the visitor on your website. You can watch movies of visitors browsing your website, read what they typed in forms placed on your website, the exact points they clicked on, this information is valuable and you can't get it by reading the Google Analytics reports.

So it seems that Clicktale is a little more advanced in terms of analytic solution providing more in depth data about visitors and their behavior.

The main difference between Google and Clicktale being the fact that Clicktale is not free. By the way, Google Analytics is free up to certain amount of impressions a month, but most websites don't get that much exposure so it's a good solution for most webmasters.

Which solution will work better for your website, Google Analytics or Clicktale?