The Secret Behind Q & A Site Algorithms

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Here at BuyTrafficGuide, we would always endorse Question and Answer sites (or Q & A) as one of the best sources of real traffic. This is not only because some Q & A sites are trusted (like Yahoo! Answers and Qoura,) but also because they provide good link leverages. Yes, you could say that Q & A sites is one of your sure fire ways to attract tons of targeted traffic to your site. The only problem with it is that no one can actually predict if their links will be given power (or in simpler forms, links will be classified as dofollow links).

Q & A sites have never actually shared anything that could help everyone in providing such kinds of links. For all we know, Q & A sites are made to help out people and to give powers to random links. One thing is for sure, no one actually has an idea about Q & A sites’ algorithms.

Is the any secret behind Q & A site algorithms or they just award random links power for fun?

Will you believe us if we told you that there’s something behind Q & A’s “strict” algorithm?

  • You can see a pattern on indexed links – You can actually see this if you research pretty well. You need to seek out some of the links in order to see which links work out fine and which links do not benefit on this kind of site. This will now lead us to the next point:
  • Authority is everything – Authority comes first in this kind of site. Sites like YouTube, Google, Wikipedia and the likes will always have the dofollow tag because these sites are already considered as authorities. This only means that newer sites have less tendencies to benefit from these sites.
  • Connection is important as well – Do you think that your links is really contributing to the flow of discussion within that question? It’s best to post links that can actually help the readers within the specific thread. This will not only help you gain more targeted clicks (which is good for SEO) but will also serve as a contributing factor in recognizing your link.
  • Treat Q & A links as ordinary links – In reality, there’s nothing really different between links from Q & A sites and links outside this site. Just remember to stay relevant with the topic and make sure that you are not spamming every post with your link!

Site owners should really understand that Q & A sites are one of the best sources of website traffic. Just be sure how to “play” along the crowd by providing real and informative contents, and you’ll surely benefit and dominate website traffic within this site with ease!