The Truth about Facebook Fans

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Facebook Fans

The empire of Facebook is giving anyone the opportunity of social promoting their product / service / application using its popular platform and one of the ways to do so is recruiting fans that will "Like" what ever it is that they offer. To get fans you can advertise on Facebook's ad platform, tell your friends or simply buy them?

Even here on the Buy Traffic Guide some of the traffic services offer additional services of social media fans, likes, youtube views and so on and that's perfectly fine as this is a neat shortcut that will save a lot of time and money and give some volume to your Facebook brand.

There's a slight problem with the statistics that is available for everyone to see, while you usually expect a fans of a product or page to originate from various global geographic locations, when buying facebook fans you often fall for traps that may cause other users to stay away from your product. For example: Imagine your product or page is targeted for Italian facebook users and most of your facebook fans (at least the ones you paid for) are India based?

This is something you should definitely consider before buying facebook fans, make sure and double check that these fans will be globally spread and not originate from a single country or geo location.

Another thing you should keep in mind is the engagement of these users. Facebook can measure the engagement of your users and if you have a big list of fans that is not taking any action at all towards your page, you might get "punished" in a way that your posts on your page, status updates and notifications will not be visible to all the members of your page/group/application. This will harm your marketing strategy in Facebook.

To sum it all up, Facebook claims that only around 50 million of its users are fake could be more, Facebook is a great marketing channel and if used properly it can show great results, just make sure your Facebook fans are the ones you actually interested in.