Traffic Exchange

Traffic exchange is a service where you can exchange your website traffic with other websites, usually for free.

The main concept of traffic exchange is that you get what you give and so you have to send traffic or visit websites yourself in order to get traffic in return.

This concept is problematic, and soon you will find out why.

There are many websites offering traffic exchange and in return they get webmaster exposure to their advertisements and of course a webmasters database.

How it Works

A webmaster sign up to the service.

Next step is either place a code on the website (the code empowers the traffic exchange website, but also display other websites of other webmasters who are members with this service).

Next step, you are promised to receive traffic based on the amount of websites you visit. OR you will get visitors for visitors who visit the other websites (everything is tracked so you can know exactly what was sent and where).

Why it is not good

There are many problems with Traffic exchange. The main problem is that the traffic is not targeted, and even if it is you are not likely to get potential buyers to your websites, but instead you are to get webmasters or junk traffic from countries you never heard of. The value of such traffic is zero.

Another problem with traffic exchange is the fact you need to invest your own time to get that junk traffic.

Another disadvantage to Traffic Exchange is that it’s not good for SEO in case you are asked to place a code onto your website. Every unnecessary link outside of your website is just not good.


Traffic Exchange is a waste of time, both for beginners and for expert webmasters. This is definitely not the way to get good traffic to your website, not to mention targeted traffic which will result in sales.

Always remember, time is money and the time you spend on bad ways to bring more traffic to your website is money you threw away for nothing.

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