Blog Traffic Exchange

Blogs are one of the most popular communication channels on the web. They are easy to set up and easy to use. People maintain a blog for all kinds of reasons – for self expression, to stay connected with customers, to provide information, etc. You’ll find a blog on just about any topic under the sun – cooking, beauty, travel, e-readers, smartphones, and the list goes on and on.

No matter the topic of one’s blog, every blogging effort points toward the same thing: to attract visitors. Visitors are what make bloggers earn off ads, referral, or affiliate programs on their site. Even those who blog merely for self-expression are ecstatic when people come to their site to read what they have to say.

This need for traffic has encouraged bloggers to take advantage of blog traffic exchanges. The idea behind blog traffic exchange is simple, yet its impact on your blog can be substantial.

Blog traffic exchanges are members-only websites. Signing up is a prerequisite. Once a member, you will be able to view other blogs. Viewing blogs gets you credits, and credits get you rewards. Rewards could mean banners, advertising links, or other tools for getting traffic to your site.

Here’s the catch, you just don’t click on websites to earn credits – you need to stay on a site for eight to thirty seconds, depending on what your program requires. You will actually see a timer when you open a site, and you won’t be able to open another site unless the timer expires. If you join a blog traffic exchange program, you should be prepared to invest some time visiting other blogs.

Winning banners and ads is only one way to generate traffic using this program. As its name implies, blog traffic exchange is a two-way lane. Other members are also required to view blogs, and one of those is yours.

There are several disadvantages to blog traffic exchanges though:

• Time-consuming. You need to sit in front of your computer for hours in order to gain enough credit points.

• Non-targeted traffic. Your primary visitors, basically, are other bloggers who are only interested in earning credits. Majority doesn’t read the sites they open at all. Hence, you won’t be able to maximize benefits from buying traffic. If your blog’s aim is to send visitors to your main shopping site, you will have a hard time achieving that goal with blog traffic exchange. They won’t become active participants or regular readers.

• No AdSense earnings. If you use blog traffic exchange, don’t expect that you’ll still be in good terms with Google AdSense. In fact, Google AdSense will impose a ban on your blog. Google has a way of knowing, so there’s no escape for you from the ban.

If you want to earn traffic more quickly and without incurring the same disadvantages listed above, a more suitable option is buy targeted traffic.