Traffic Generator

Internet traffic is a mystery and as webmasters we often look for new ways (preferably easy ways) to get traffic to our websites, which is not an easy task at all. Not all of us have programming skills and so when we are offered a “magical solution” that will send thousands of visitors towards our website using a software or script, we will be intrigued and want to see that in action.

Traffic generator software enables us to do what we usually do manually to get traffic to our website, automatically. The ways in which this is done often seem like spam as a robot can’t yet replace human intelligence and repetitive tasks will be inevitable.

Website traffic generator needs to be programmed and then it will perform several automatic tasks that will eventually send visitors from various websites to your website. These visitors may sometime be targeted and sometimes not, even if you set that the traffic generator will only seek targeted traffic.

Let’s analyze where this traffic is coming from:

  1. Forums – some web traffic generators can crawl forums, register as users and post comments in discussions. Why is this targeted? The forums that you set to target will deal with the same category you are dealing with.
  2. Video – YouTube and other video streaming websites have active discussions below them. This is where the website traffic generator post comments sending visitors either to your website or to your youtube channel that will send them to your website – Why is this targeted? The videos will deal with the same category you are dealing with.
  3. Blogs – much like forums, some blogs have a commenting feature enabled. Unfortunately this comment feature is moderated in most websites so spamming is not possible. Why unfortunately? Because this will make your web traffic generator worthless as it can never pretend to be a real human actually commenting on the relevant article. Why targeted? The blog deals with the same category you are dealing with.
  4. Social networks – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest – all share one thing in common – active discussions. Since these networks gather a lot of traffic these are excellent sources of targeted traffic – why targeted? Groups and accounts deal with the same category you are dealing with.

As previously mentioned the main problem with automatic traffic generators is the fact they are robotic and your auto attempt to gain traffic from these sources may be easily considered as spam. Keep in mind that as the technology evolves the spam protection methods evolve as well – this makes the web traffic generators less and less effective.

Should you use it or not, that is the question. The answer is simple. Combining a website traffic generator with manual work is the perfect combination. The software will reveal sources of traffic that it will take you more time to find, you will sometimes have to make the submissions yourself to make it more effective and less spammy.

Always remember, if it’s too easy then most chances is that it was done before and it’s not working. Hard work brings results.