Traffic, Sales, Bounces – Which is More Important?

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New Year, new site owners, new buzzwords, new terms, new sites! As new site owners, we usually get confused with tons of new terms in online marketing and website handling. We face terms like Traffic, Sales, and Bounces whenever we read blogs or contents that shares techniques in successfully handling sites. These terms are commonly explained pretty well on various blogs, but the more we understand them, the more we are confused with their importance. There will be a point when you just wonder which is which and which should you really focus on more. Should it be your website traffic? Your sales and conversion, or your leaving visitors?

Traffic, Sales, or Bounces – Which is more important?

To completely understand which should you focus more than the other two, you must first know the differences between these three values.



Traffic is the blood of your website. Without it, your website will not be able to work out well. Basically, traffic is your visitors. Users that visit your site (no matter where they come from) are considered as your traffic.


Sales (Conversion)

In marketing, you call those successful transactions as sales. But when we talk of traffic, we’ll be using the term CONVERSION. Conversion is the changing of a certain user into a buyer. The more conversions you have on a website, the better! (Usually, conversion happens to targeted traffic.)



As newbie site owners, you do want to have traffic and sales but never wish of this to your site. Bounces are also traffic (users that visit your site,) but these people are visitors who immediately left your page after visiting it. There are tons of reasons why sites generate bounces.

So now that you already knew these three terms, which do you think should you focus more? Should you monitor more of your visitors, your conversions or your bounces?

One should take note that both CONVERSION and BOUNCES are generated by traffic. You won’t be able to have clients and customers if no one will visit your site. Bounces are also connected with traffic as bounces are technically traffic (viewers) that leave your site.

All in all, it’s much better if a website owner will focus more on his/her traffic rather than waiting for sales and bounces to appear on its site.

If you are really aiming for higher conversion rate but lesser bounce rate, the best thing to do is to buy traffic targeted to your site from trusted traffic suppliers. Do this and you’ll notice a dramatic change in your conversion rate and your bounce rate!

So newbie site owners, this doesn’t mean that you should start ignoring your conversions and your bounces! In general, you must be able to provide full attention on your overall site to successfully build reputation and earn clients! In this way, you’ll not only earn more sales, but also lessen bounces overtime!