Uncovering Unmatched Traffic Counters

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Traffic Counters

Traffic is a thing that anyone can’t accurately predict. And believe it or not, even the most accurate traffic analytic tools can’t perfectly measure your website traffic counters.

There are multiple traffic counters on the internet that continuously do their best in producing the most accurate result that they can. Some website traffic suppliers have their own traffic counters as well, but that doesn’t mean their customers will also have the same 3rd party counters as they do. This is why unmatched traffic counters rise up and confuse both consumer and suppliers in terms of traffic.

As we have said earlier, each one of us has our own trusted traffic analytic tools. With that, you might expect different results coming from different sources. We know this may concern some consumers, but let us assure your customers receive the right number of traffic that you are sending.

There are some factors that can affect the counting results of analytics. You should take note of these things.

  • Different traffic analytic tools – We point out that each traffic analytics display different results. As a matter of fact, some studies show that some analytic tools only have more or less 20% accuracy in measuring traffic. This is a very small factor compared to the 100% precision that we demand to our traffic analytic tools. This explains why some websites “receive” smaller amounts of targeted traffic.

For instance, most webmasters use Google Analytics as their measuring tool in traffic. Little do webmasters know that this analytics tool has certain flaws. These flaws such as unable to count due to loading pages, deficiency of cookies, multiple device imprecisions, java script errors and other aspects can generate a big gap of difference between its counts to other analytics’ count.

  • Some traffic counters have their own downtimes in tracking – Not all trackers can monitor your traffic, 24/7. Just like any service, traffic counters also have their own downtimes so that they can perform well in the following tracks. With this reason, not all of the viewers are counted by your analytics.
  • Some website traffic estimator has stricter parameters in counting traffic – Another reason some website traffic isn’t counted is because of their tighter factors. There are some rules that each analytic tools follow, such as time of the traffic staying at your website, their loading time and the like. These aspects usually affect your targeted traffic With different rules to follow, we could safely assume that each of them will most likely produce different results.
  • Traffic counters could not keep up with your visits – There will be times when your traffic couldn't keep up with your swarm of traffic that it might count 2 or more visits as one. This certain flaw can change the results drastically (which often results to more confusion).

We all know how important your traffic is to your business. It is a must for every traffic supplier to be true and honest in their service. This is why BuyTrafficGuide does its best in giving you guides in choosing the best traffic supplier for your website.

Analyze comprehensively before you take actions with your traffic. Know how to properly measure it, and we’ll assure you that you’ll get the best out of your website traffic!

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