Webmaster Tools

As  webmasters we know that we have many tasks for our different websites. This is why we use several tools which make our life easier and save us a lot of time.

Webmaster tools were created by webmasters for webmaster. It usually begins with a need, the need to make the work less complicated, to make repeated actions done automatically and so on.

Now days there is a tool for everything a webmaster does, the market is full with these tools, some free and some are paid tools but the bottom line is that sometime its worth the money to save a lot of time.

You’d be surprised at how much time these kind of tools can save you. There are some disadvantages though:

Using Google’s webmaster tools reveals a lot of information about our website. This information is much more useful for Google than you think, it helps Google make money and not necessarily helps you make money.

Cost – some of the webmaster tools cost a lot of money. The fact is that we are willing to pay money for a tool that helps us make even more money, the problem is that not all webmasters understand that.

Scam and Fraud - A lot of tools are actually against you, usually tools that are giving more power to the creator of the tool.
All in all we are in favor of using webmaster tools. In a moment we will detail the tools we offer here on the Buy Traffic Guide. All the webmaster tools provided here are tools we have used or currently using and so we can give a good feedback on these tools.

Before you get the list, if you are doing everything yourself and you are considered a “one man show”, the following webmaster tools can double your productivity. If we’re talking numbers, you can double your production.

The following list will provide you the best webmaster tools in the market today:

Keyword Research Tool – You need one of those if you want your SEO to be successful.

Web Hosting – Learn the different type of web hosting and choose the right type for you.

Web Monitoring – When your site is down, you are losing money, learn how you can prevent downtime.

Web Analytic – The best way to analyze and optimize your website. This will not only save you a lot of time and some valuable insights about your website, it will also make you more money.

Time Savers – just as it sounds, some time saving tools.

Website Builder – Anything that takes you quiet a while to do can be done within minutes, better.

Website Script – Some website addons require the use of website scripts, you can find some here.

If you have good webmaster tools you wish to see on this list, please contact us.

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