Find the Right Domain

The next step after understanding the concept of your website is to try to find the best available domain name for your website.

There are many domain names you can think of and maybe some of them are already registered. If you can and like to invest, you can try and buy an already registered domain, it can cost between $5 up to $1,000,000 and more, for premium domains. If you are not looking to invest money for existing domains, you can always perform a search at the basic domain registrars and buy your new domain there.

The price for an unregistered domain name is around $10 per year. When you register a domain name you actually lease it for a period of one year and then you can choose to renew it or drop it.

Maybe the most popular domain registration service is GoDaddy. At GoDaddy you can find Domain registration, Email services, Site builders, SSL options and more tools for your site. GoDaddy can supply the complete solution for new and experienced webmasters. Check out GoDaddy.

Another thing to take into consideration is the TLD, Top Level Domain. The different TLDs are delivered by the ICANN organization and are usually related to a country or general TLDs. In case you are targeting global audience on your website, the best domain TLD will be .com TLD (.com stands for commercial). If your website is targeting a specific country, let’s take Australia as an example, the best TLD for your website will end with

When choosing the right domain and TLD for your website, keep in mind that both your visitors and the different search engines will notice your domain name. Some websites with catchy names and related words can work well, when other long or incorrect domain names can confuse the users.

If you choose a very specific niche, you better have the name of what it is you are targeting in the domain name. This is important both for search engines and the users. When observing a search result in Google or a paid ad, the visitor is used to look at the domain name and if for example you have a cooking lesson website and the domain name is loseweightfastinstantly or some other variation, you will have less visitors to your websites than cookinglessons or other similar variations.

The domain registrars usually have auto domain name generators based on given keywords or criteria’s.