Your domain name is gold. You wanna know how so? Keep reading.

The domain name market is a billion dollar per year market. There are domain names which have been sold for millions of dollars, but back to reality, you own a domain name and you should know that there might be someone out there who will be willing to pay a nice sum of money to own your domain name.

You probably paid around $10 for your domain name, you can get 10 times and even 1000 times what you paid for your domain if you sell it.

The Benefits of Selling Your Domain Name

  • You can get another domain name with a similar name.
  • It’s a great investment, buying for cheap and selling for more.
  • Domain names are useless in the age of SEO.

How do you sell your domain name?

There is a special marketplace which is specially designed to sell and buy domain names. You can easily list your domain name for sell and get offers from other webmasters who are interested in buying your domain name.

Keep in mind that domain flipping which is buying a domain name for cheap, and selling it for more than it originally cost is a great business and there are some who actually make a living from it and you can do it too.

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