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One of the most important goals of a webmaster is to build a loyal group of followers (not necessarily twitter for that matter), with which the webmaster can communicate, without depending on the website or blog itself.

There are a few ways for this to happen and one of them is Email Marketing.

The first step on your way of communicating with your loyal database of subscribers is to have a way of communicating with them. If you are serious about your marketing methods, you will need a good Email Marketing software which will be able to deliver the messages you wish to deliver to your subscribers.

There are many benefits to Email Marketing, among these benefits you will find:

  • The ease of communication – You are not dependent on your website to deliver messages. Regardless of whether your website is down, dropped in ranking or not active anymore, you can communicate with your subscribers.
  • Getting through to a large audience at once – instead of having to wait for visitors to revisit your website, you simply send out a mailer and get through to your subscribers at the same time.
  • Personal communication – This is the difference between watching the news and getting in touch with the news – the personal approach is better for your sales.
  • Feedback – The only real way to know what your website visitors think of you and your website is to send a short survey and find out how to improve yourself.

With all these benefits of Email Marketing we should keep in mind that Spam is the illness of the internet and much like you get spam, all of your subscribers get it. This is why you should make sure your communications won’t get into the junk / spam folder and that your communications will not be interpreted as spam.

In order to perform good and ethical Email Marketing campaign you will need a good Email Marketing service. This service will make sure you will keep the Email Marketing standard which will guarantee all communications will arrive to their destination and that you will stay a trusted source of E-mails as far as the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and the E-mail Service Providers (ESP) are concerened.

The following Email Marketing services have been tested and approved by us. You can read more about each service inside its dedicated review:

GetResponse – Email Marketing and Auto Responders service. Probably the best E-mail marketing service out there offering the most innovative platform with social integration, customizable web forms, iPhone application and multi lingual support. Easy to use platform for competitive prices.

InterSpire Email Marketing – is one of the best solutions for Email Marketing. This service has everything, starting from autoresponders, spam checkers, email templates to detailed statistics and graphs about your sent email campaigns. InterSpire is highly recommended and from my experience, Emails sent with InterSpire go inbox all the time.

If you know of other Good Trusted Email Marketing Services, Please let us know.

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