Email marketing is a necessity as part of the marketing strategy of any business. The most direct online way to contact your prospects is E-mail Marketing and i can find no better service to use than GetResponse and soon you will find out why.

What exactly are we looking at here:

GetResponse is one of the most reputable service for E-mail Marketing. It’s been around for quiet a while and with competitive prices and superb customer service, support forum and it even has an iPhone application in which you can track your sign up statistics live.

Another great feature which is a must if you are planning to have an automated income from your online business is the auto responders. With GetResponse’s auto responders you can create a schedule of automated e-mail scheme which will go out to your subscribers without you having to do anything.

The most important feature and the biggest advantage Get Response has over its many competitors is the language support. Get Response Supports almost any language. The fact that it supports UTF-8 characters and other localized characters makes it easy to deliver to your foreign subscribers. I used it for French, German, Romanian, Italian, Swedish, Turkish and Hebrew as part of my campaigns.

It’s not only that, you have ready made double opt in e-mails in almost any language which means you don’t have to invent the wheel.

Delivery rate is great and i found no deliverability issues with GetResponse.

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Here’s the pros and cons of GetResponse summarized:


  • Auto-Responders support.
  • Language support
  • Price
  • Support
  • iPhone Application
  • Ready made templates and web forms (really nice ones)
  • Good looking statistics
  • Social Sharing – with a single click of the button you can share your communications with Twitter, RSS and more.
  • Connection to external analytic tools.


  • If you have several web forms for a single campaign, you can’t create a different auto responder for each.
  • Very strict anti-spam policy – sometimes too strict.

The bottom line is that i recommend Get Response as an E-mail Marketing and auto responders service. It’s easy to use, cheap and great for both beginners and advanced users.

Even if you are using a different E-mail Marketing Service, you should definitely give GetResponse a try! First month is only $1 – you won’t regret it.

GetResponse is an approved E-mail Marketing Service – If you know of other good Email Marketing Service Let me know about them and i’ll add them to the Buy Traffic Guide.

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