iContact Email Marketing Solution Review

iContact is one of the leading Email marketing solutions out there. I have been using iContact for several years now and i can definitely say it’s good.

Before we get to what iContact can do for you (features) , here are some of iContact’s pros and cons:

Pros – OR – Why you should use iContact:

  • Cheap solution – compared to other services and their features.
  • Opt in forms + Auto Responder solutions
  • Multi Lingual support – You can send mailers in almost any language including: English, French, German, Italian, Turkish, Arabic, Hebrew, Swedish, Spanish and more.
  • Support – Email support – 24/7 and you can get phone support and live chat support during day time (ET).
  • Templates – large variety of newsletter and email templates.
  • Social Media features – Share and Add features.
  • Lead Grouping, Sorting – Management – you can manage your opt in leads.
  • Upload list from an external file

Cons OR What iContact must improve

  • Deliverability – Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo and Gmail are not the only ESP (Email service providers). Apparently the guys in iContact forgot that and they are ignoring the small ESPs (they are not small actually but they are local). The bright side of things is when you ask them to take care of it – they do.
  • Simplicity is bliss – or isn’t it? The interface is too simple to use, i’m not sure if that’s a con of a pro – you decide.
  • Opt in Forms are not user friendly – It’s easy to set up but requires some patience. Not many designs to choose from on top of that.

The bottom line is that iContact is definitely a service to consider for your email marketing needs.

What they offer:

  1. Email marketing – Create and Send newsletters, Auto Responders from ready made templates or your own.
  2. Reporting – You can view customizable reporting for everything that is done on iContact – Opt in, Sending Stats, Open Rate and so on.
  3. Lead Management – It’s very important if you are running campaigns based on lead action – on iContact it’s very easy to manage your leads.
  4. Various pricing option – choose the price based on your needs and business size.
  5. Language Support – Multi Language support for your mailing needs.
  6. Image Hosting feature

All these and more make iContact to be one of the best options as an Email Marketing Solution.

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