Instant Desktop Sender

This is truly amazing, if you ever dealt with auto-responders, e-mail marketing, social marketing like twitter facebook and so on, you notice that they are losing effectiveness by the day.
Instant Desktop Sender is here to change that.

Now you can communicate with your potential buyers directly in their computers – no spywares, no viruses – 100% clean and full proof marketing software.

This software made me curious the moment I heard about it, since it actually changes the rules of marketing, this gives you as an Internet Marketer an advantage over your competitors who are still doing it the old way using Email Marketing.

The main advantages of Instant Desktop Sender:

  • User Friendly – a software anyone can use – download and see for yourself.
  • 100% deliver ability – unlike e-mail marketing which has less than 50% deliver ability, this one gives you 100% – there’s no way your message will no get through
  • Saves the privacy of the responders.
  • Tracks the actions of the responders – you will know whether your message was read, clicked and so on.

There’s much more to Instant Desktop Sender than that. Unlike e-mail marketing you don’t have to pay a monthly fee which grows as your list grows. Here you pay a one time fee and you can use it forever with no limitations.

Instant Desktop Sender is truly the best way to get free traffic and get recurring sales and customers to your website / blog or even directly to the product. It’s good for branding, for updates and for just about any use you can think of.

With the Instant Desktop Sender you get:

  • Free – 4 Ebooks which will help you make money online.
  • Support
  • 100% money back guarantee.