Track My Mails

Track My Mails (TrackmyMails) is a relatively new product which can be used by anyone who sends out emails and wish to track the response for these emails, regardless of the email service or software you are using.

I have tried Track My Mails and I must say I was impressed by its simplicity and the fact you can get started using it within minutes upon signing up.

So How exactly does it work?

In order to see whether your email was actually opened you will get a “mask” for your email address, something like by using this email address you will know what happens to your email next, whether it is received, rejected, bounced, deleted, read or any other option.

Why should you use it?

Even if you are not serious about email marketing and you are simply sending your friends important emails or if you are serious about email marketing and wish to track the response rate for your emails and know what happens to the campaign you are sending, this service is perfect for you, you will get all the stats the other email marketing services won’t let you see and you will know exactly the value of your list, the value of your email and other performance based statistics.

How much does it cost?

It’s free. Well, you can try it for free and see that it actually works, if you are a big sender you will need to pay, but you must give it a try and see what you can gain from it.

Track My Mails is an email tracking system which is available in 4 languages including Spanish and Chinese and even Portuguese.

Bottom line, give it a go. It’s free to try and you should always try to improve and enhance your actions and your email marketing is worth gold, the more you optimize the more you will make.

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