Outsource Your Work

Time is money and in 3rd world countries time is less expensive and this is why you should outsource. Anything you can do somebody else can do it in India or China for less money in the same quality. Sometimes it’s better to save your time to more important things and leave the dirty work for somebody else in a minimal cost.

Outsourcing is very popular and there are several market place featuring both the companies and the buyers of the services and match them for a small fee. Elance is a good example for such company.

You can outsource everything, starting with design, auto content writers , SEO services link building and more. It’s limitless. All you have to do is post your project and wait for the offers and they will come. It all comes down to the trust and money you have.

Don’t outsource everything. You should still be in control of your website and keep in mind that sometimes having to explain someone else of what they need to do is the same amount of time it takes you to do it yourself.

Things you should outsource:

  1. Content – Since you need a lot of content if you want to have a strong established website, it’s better to outsource some of it. Make sure your outsource service knows the material before you send it. Once you get the content check it using www.copyscape.com to see that it wasn’t copied from another website.
  2. Design – It takes time to design and this is considering you know how to. Don’t waste your time learning photo shop (unless you want to). Design is cheap and it’s common.
  3. Translation – If you wish to target an audience with a different language than yours, outsourcing would be a good solution. Beware of scam!! Your content can be translated using online translation services such as Google Translate which is BAD!
  4. Programming – If your website requires a special feature which requires programming, you can use freelancers. The Programming quality and ability of outsource services is very good.

Always use a 3rd party for payments such as Escrow – simply open an account or use it through the outsourcing market in order to save yourself from fraud. Make sure to choose providers by recommendations. You will usually be able to see comments by previous buyers and rankings. Click here in order to open Escrow account.

Make sure you are always in control and in contact with the service provider, they can delay projects if you don’t control them.