Understand the concept of your website

First, you need to have a unique concept for your website. Stand out and make your website look different than the other websites, nobody needs another website which is the same as the others.

The day Google walked by, general websites were no longer effective and webmasters now need to focus on specific concepts and niche in order to rank well in the search engine.

Build the concept of your website, as you wish. Understand what your website is for, what you trying to achieve and what you going to do with it.

Write down these thought for later on, it will help you plan your website structure.
Understand and prepare the concept you are trying to market for your website visitors. There are many websites online, try to indentify yours and try to understand why it’s unique? Why visitors will like it? What is the added value for the visitors and how to optimize this value?

The concept you decide to use is very important as it will guide you through all steps of planning and actually building your website, including content, design, advertisements on your website and the target audience you are looking to attract.

Once you have the concept and you know what you are going to do and how, it’s time to make the master plan for building the website and market it. The content on the website, the pictures you will upload, the SEO plan and the advertisements are all part of the website concept. If you have an NBA basketball related website for example, you need pages and information about the league, about the players and game notes, you must have the top player’s pictures and the products or services that are related to the main NBA concept.

During the process of planning the concept of your future website you will also learn whether your website has demand and whether you can make money out of it. If you plan to make money from your website you must have “buyers” for your products, regardless of whether you are the one who sell the products or just displaying advertisements on your website.

In case you found out your niche is not that attractive financially, you can always look for other niches close to your niche and build a new concept around them.