Use Webmaster Tools (services)

After you have established your website, you have the design you like, the content you wrote and the advertisements are setup, your website is working well. Now it’s the time to explore the internet for the additional tool you can use, the additional services the internet has to offer to webmasters in order to help you run your website better, optimize your traffic and maximize your profits.

There are many webmaster tools out there, some good and some less. They are all intended to do the following:

Saving your time with automation (some of your tasks can be automated), monetizing, checking and analyzing.
Optimizing your website for search engines by finding the mistakes and fixing the errors.
Raising the conversion rates and helping to make more money from existing traffic.
Raising the traffic and keeping the visitors in the website.

All search engines offer their free based webmaster tools. These tools are intended for webmasters but the search engines use them to analyze your website and determine whether it is quality or not and of course keeping in touch with the webmaster.

Google’s webmaster tools will alert the webmaster if there’s an error needs fixing and if the website is not 100% search engine friendly.

There are other webmaster tools that are very helpful for the webmaster in terms of analyzing the traffic, automation and optimizing the revenue:

ClickTale – a great tool which enables you to watch videos of your visitor’s trail in your website – see what they do, what they type, where they click and optimize your website accordingly.

WebCEO – A desktop software which gives a perfect SEO solution for any webmaster, whether beginner or expert. With WebCEO you can automatically optimize your website, find errors, analyze keywords, watch reports, submit your website and more. The software includes automatic updates.

Uptime monitor – If your website is down due to server error you are losing money! It doesn’t cost much but it will save you a lot of money – get an SMS when the server you use is down. This tool is important to know when the website or database are down and take care of it ASAP. Any downtime of your sources are 100% money lost from the potential revenue.

SSL Services – Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is an important feature to your website or blog in case you are selling a product or keeping personal details. The SSL will display the lock icon on the browser of the visitor and alert the visitor your site is secured. SSL is not expensive and is definitely a feature that increase sales and the trust of the shoppers in your website. Think of yourself when approaching to pay for a product, you will definitely look for the lock icon. Godaddy offers SSL certificates as part of their domain and hosting packages.

It’s worth buying an SSL certificate along with your hosting or domain or just the certificate itself.