Display Date Script

Ever wanted to display the current date on your website or blog? Do you need the date displayed in languages? Now you can easily download and install a simple java script and you can display the dates on your website in the following languages: English, Italian, German and French.

The script will display the date in this format: Sunday, January 01, 2005 (of course the current date will be displayed)

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The script will automatically update the time and date on your website without you having to do anyting!

The main advantages of this date script:

  1. Visitors will see the updated date on your website and know that it is updated.
  2. Displaying a dynamic date on your website is good for SEO (search engines see a change on your pages every day).
  3. Languages – If you have pages in Italian French or German (as well as English) you can display the date in their own language.
  4. VERY easy to use – simply add a small piece of code to your website and you are done.

The date display script can be placed anywhere you want on your website and you can install it on as many websites as you want. The script comes ready for use and you can download it and install in a few seconds.

The script is a jave script, very light and doesn’t affect the loading of the web page or its compliance with web browsers.