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Once your website or blog started to bring some sales there are many steps you take in order to make it bring even more sales, double is not a dirty word in this case. Here you can find a few tools which will help you find out how you can increase sales on your website.

First, there are a few terms you need to know before getting started with your website optimizations:

A-B Testing - A test performed with 2 different landing pages to determine which one converts better and will be used as a permanent one.
Heat Map – an analytic tool which shows the hot spots on your website which are the most clicked spots, the hotter it gets (more red shades) the more clicks that area got.
Web Analytics – There are many website analytics tools which are aimed at helping a webmaster analyze its website in order to maximize profits. The most popular analytics tool is a free one called Google Analytics.
Fold – the lowest point on your web page which requires no scrolling down to see. When you want to see below that point you need to scroll below the fold.
Bounce - a visitor who landed on your website and left right away without browsing other pages. One of Google’s factors to determine whether your website is relevant to its visitors is the bounce rate.
Page View – Every time your page content is loaded, there’s a page view.
These are the basic terms which will help you understand the world of web analytics better on your way to increasing sales.

The following tools are great tools to increase sales on your website:

BoostCTR – Get better ad text creative to increase your click through rates for your marketing campaigns. Increase your clicks and increase your sales with BoostCTR. Better CTR or your money back guaranteed.

ClickTale – In my opinion the best web analytics tool. It’s much better than Google’s Web analytics since it shows a video of your visitor’s path on your website. This means you can actually watch your visitors and learn from their action – where they click, where they go, what they type and so on – once you analyze that information – optimization is the next step.

If you know of other ways to increase sales, feel free to let us know about them and we’ll add them here.

There are many tools intended to optimize your sales pages and web pages but the bottom line of all these tools is if you won’t find the problem you will never find the solution.

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