BoostCTR is an amazing startup which I highly recommend for everyone into internet marketing, affiliate marketing, sales of any kind and especially pay per click marketing. BoostCTR stands for Boost (increase) click through rate (CTR).

One of the major obstacles I face when attempting to market a new product is the sales copy, whether it’s a sales page, landing page, squeeze page or a typical pay per click ad on Google, Bing or Facebook.

While getting to know the product you’re selling is one thing, trying to actually sell it to others is the hardest part and this is where BoostCTR comes in.

Before I get into what BoostCTR actually does, let me explain in one word what we all look for when we sell a product (of our own or others’) – Traffic. To be more specific we want potential customers to click on our advertisements, whether it’s a banner or a text ad, click on it and later on buy the product.

Now we all know it’s all about conversion, the conversion between a view and a click, a click and a sale, all in all these are fixed percentages that we can always try and optimize to get more of our campaigns even if we’re doing SEO.

Getting back to BoostCTR – here’s what they do – you send them your product or existing advertisement text and they will send you better ad text copies for you to use for your campaign. If your CTR will not increase you will be entitled for a full refund.

Now how it works on BoostCTR’s end: writers submit their text as part of a contest, the best writer that actually increase the CTR of the advertisement will win a cash prize and a better reputation that will eventually be worth cash when entering a new contest. This is how both sides win – you can get more clicks and eventually more sales or leads and they get paid accordingly.

As simple as that – it’s not expensive either so you have nothing to lose, furthermore the fact you can get a full refund if low or no results makes it even more worthwhile.

If you like the concept and if you are into Pay Per Click advertisements I suggest you give them a go or at least sign up to see how clever their system is as a cheap cost effective solution for improving your advertisements.

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