Getting the traffic to your website is one thing, but keeping it there and making sales is a completely different thing. It doesn't matter whether you are an affiliate of a product or the product owner, whether you have a retail website or a gambling website, once you managed to bring visitors to your website - you don't want to lose them. This is why you definitely need ExPop and here's why:

ExPop is a revolutionary Exit pop up that works to keep the visitor on your website, or give the visitor the bottom line to make the actual sale.

How does it work: A visitor enters your website and from whatever reason decided to leave by either clicking on the "Back" button or closing the browser window/tab, the moment ExPop detects that the mouse cursor of the visitor is heading towards the top of the window, your pop up will come up. This pop up should convince the visitor to either stay or make the purchase by giving him a good enough reason for that, for example: a 50% discount or getting a FREE gift. The bottom line is that you get to interact with the visitor before they leave your website which is your golden opportunity as you might not get another chance like that.

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Unlike other exit pop ups ExPop is:

  • 100% SEO friendly - there is no way it will harm your SEO ranking as the Google crawler will not detect the concept of the script, and even if it will this pop up is friendly and does not effect the user experience.
  • It's a hover pop up and so will never be blocked by pop up blockers.
  • It's not really an exit pop up as the visitor didn't actually exit the website but merely intended to do so.

A simple check to your Google Analytics (or any other website analytics) report will tell you that most visitors actually leave your website without achieving your goals, this is why you need ExPop.

Try it out and see the results, remember what you place in that pop up is all up to you but once the visitor left your website you will not get a second chance to get them back.

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