Stats Junky

Stats Junky is a great tool for all affiliate marketers. It was built and designed to make the affiliate marketer work easier and faster and gather results from the different affiliate networks and programs. The user friendly Stats Junky application optimize your daily works as an affiliate and helps you to track the stats of your accounts and monitor the earnings and losses and of course your profit on the spot.

Stats Junky is used to manage and optimize your affiliate work almost all of the affiliate networks and help you improve your online campaigns. The Stats Junky application is great for any Pay Per Click program such as Google Adwords, Yahoo marketing system, Ad center by Microsoft and others. It’s also great to use for your Affiliate networks such as Click Bank, Commission Junction, Share a Sale, Copeac and more. And of course, used for the small affiliate programs and private label programs. All the above are available in Stats Junky, and this saves you time and helps you to maximize the efforts as an affiliate marketer.

Together with the online stats monitoring, losses and earnings optimization and the huge time which it saves, there are additional opportunities for the webmasters to use Stats Junky and to become better and more professional affiliates. For example, the mobile phone option, which enables you to get all the messages and stats online, to your cell phone, using one software to track all the stats from all the programs, pop up when you have made a sale or a lead, according to your account specification, monthly stats prediction and improvement suggestions.

Stats Junky is not cheap to buy, for some affiliates it looks too expensive. We have found out, that with the time you can save using Stats Junky and with the easy optimization features is allows you to do, this money you pay for it is nothing compared to the added value it gives you and the possibility to maximize your earnings.