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Optimization is the name of the game. Your website or blog has a certain conversion rate, that rate will remain the same regardless of how many visitors visit your website. This means that if you made a sale for every 100 visitors, you will make 10 for every 1000 visitors.

There is a way to turn the 1 sale out of 100 visitors to 10 sales out of 100 visitors, meaning to increase your website converaion rate. For that you will need to use web analytics software to analyze and improve your conversion rate.

Google has a very good analytics tool which you probably heard about or using it is called Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a great web analytics tool which gives you an in depth information about your website visitors, traffic sources, countries, bounce rate, page views, visitor funnel and more. Keeping that in mind, it’s good but not great.

Why you shouldn’t use Google Analytics:

  • Paranoia – Google has a lot of information about you and your website as it is, you don’t want to give them ALL the information about it.
  • Missing data – Google Analytics does provide a lot of information, but it doesn’t give you the actual data on how to improve your landing pages or in other words – you will never know what your website visitors are doing on your website and what you can do to help you sell better.

Again, i’m not saying you shouldn’t use Google Analytics, i’m just saying it has its flaws, it’s not perfect and there are better tools as you will soon find out.

The essence of a web analytics software is to help you analyze and improve based on your analysis. If you can’t measure something you will never be able to improve it.

The next generation of web analytics provides more than just dry statistics, it also displays videos of your visitors paths and actions on your website. I’m talking about the following Web analytics tool:

ClickTale - ClickTale is definately by far the most innovative web analytics tool. Other than providing all the regular mambo jumbo like Google Analytics does, it also shows you actual videos of your website visitors. When ever a visitor lands on your page, the ClickTale analytics software records the visit including mouse movements, clicks, data entered and typed into text boxes, text marked while reading and so on. This gives you a lot more than any other analytics software, and it’s simply amazing. By watching your visitors actions, you will immediately know what needs changing, where is your weak spots and you’ll immediately see that the changes you made are working or not. From my experience with ClickTale, in one of my website it raised my conversion of visitor to sale in 400%! Which is amazing, and the conclusions from that site helped me in other sites. I highly recommend using ClickTale

If you know of other web analytics software, let us know.

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