With ClickTale you learn more about your website visitors

I am really pleased with the services that ClickTale provides, especially being able to track my users’ paths through my site. By watching the recordings of real videos of my visitors’ actions, I noticed right away that my visitors had to search all over the site before they found what they were looking for.

The heatmap feature showed me that many people had to scroll all the way to the bottom before finding what they wanted. So I rearranged the contents based on my clients’ flow through the website and web pages.

By giving people what they want on my site right away, I’ve been able to retain more visitors for a longer time. And the longer a visitor stays on my site, the more likely they are to purchase something.

I originally thought that the service would be too difficult or complicated to use, but really it’s been quite easy to get into.

It’s totally worth it especially since using ClickTale eliminates the need for costly usability labs whose results are not nearly as accurate as what I get from the ClickTale service.

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