A Blog is the most popular form of a website on the internet. A Blog is also known as web blog which was intended to be a web diary where owners can post information about themselves and their daily routine.

Blogs have became the most commonly used online publishing platform and there are various reasons for that:

  1. Very easy to setup, manage and maintain.
  2. Requires almost no technical background.
  3. Very good with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – In fact Google is very fund of blogs and constantly spiders them.
  4. Low cost or no cost at all.

With all these advantages it is no wonder why most of the websites now days are based on blogs.

One of the most popular publishing platform is in fact WordPress which is an open source publishing platform that comes with endless plugins and website templates. Using WordPress is free and it gives the user a very easy going webmastering experience where no knowledge is needed and simplicity is bliss.

There are other blog publishing platforms including paid and free ones, but wordpress is the most popular and being as such, it comes with language support for most languages and you can find support for any type of question you may have.

A blog much like other forms of websites or web publishing platforms, requires hosting. There are many blog hosting services where you can get your blog up and running within minutes.

Some of the blog hosting services even let you install and set up your blog with a single click.

Here are a few reasons why you need a Blog Hosting service:

  1.  Have full control of your blog and its traffic – unlike free hosting services where you usually have advertisements on your blog, the paid blog hosting enables you to show only what you want to show, your advertisements and you have full control of your traffic. You decide where you want to send your traffic.
  2. No limitations of add-ons, plugins, scrips and so on – With a free blog hosting you can’t install any addition to your blog. Sometimes you are limited by the type of scripts you are allowed to upload, sometimes even you are not allowed to use the most common scripts.

A good blog hosting service should support a one click install of wordpress and not limit you with bandwidth, hosting space, plugins (do not go with dreamhost as they do not allow all in one seo which is one of the most popular SEO plugins) and so on.

If you are looking for a good reliable hosting (0 downtime based on the website monitoring service) you should definitely check out Hostgator. They let you host your blog and you can install it with one click including plugins and themes, they run on a user friendly cPanel which allows you to manage your web hosting service easily with no technical background required.

And the bottom line (the price) is very good. You can get started with a very low price which will be very cost effective considering you get unlimited everything and you save time and money with technical know how stuff and installations.

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