Before you continue reading: In the web monitoring section, uptrends is not the best web monitoring service. It is recommended to use WebService Guard which has better prices and offers the same features as uptrends.

When it comes to website uptime monitor there’s one thing for sure – when your website is down, you are losing money. Uptrends will prevent this loss.

When it comes to your website running, you may never know when the next customer is going to step into your website and buy, regardless if you’re an affiliate or selling products directly.

Your website / blog / landing page is your business and as such you must protect it, same as you would protect your office from fire or other potential harm.

In other words – you NEED a website uptime monitoring service.

What is Uptrends?

Uptrends is a website monitoring service which helps you, the webmaster (website owner) or IT person, to monitor and make sure the website is up and running 24/7.

Uptrends Alerts

Uptrends alerts you whenever your website is down or not responding. You can get the alert in a form of an E-mail, SMS message, Instant messenger message (ICQ, Skype, MSN) and more. You can choose several means of notification at the same time.

Reasons for your website not to respond

There are various reasons why your website won’t respond. Some of these reasons can include: Hardware failure (it’s a computer after all), Software mis-configuration, DDos attack. If you are hosted on a share hosting with other members on the same server, it’s enough that one member will cause a scripting problem to take the entire server and your websites as well – down.

What if I have many websites on several servers?

That is not a problem, you can configure as many websites and as many servers to monitor as you wish.

How is the uptime check performed?

There are several ways as to how the check is actually performed. The different methods include a ping, a complete site load test, you can also define other checks like payment gateway, download check and so on.

The monitoring is done from various servers around the world. This to guarantee that if a server is not responding you will still get the service you ask for and you will get the monitoring from other servers.

Bottom line – how much does this cost?

Uptrends offer various packages which you can read about on their website but most importantly you can test their services with a free trial version.

Uptrends is recommended for anyone who has assets online. Every minute your website or blog is down is money being spent. This is something you can easily prevent by using uptrends monitoring service.