Web Monitoring

Web Monitoring is one of the most valuable and cost effective services you will ever use for your online business.

It all comes down to one fact – when your website is not working, you are losing money. When your website or blog are down, regardless of the reason whether it’s an hardware problem, software configuration, DDos attack or a power outage at your web hosting provider, if you don’t know about it, you can’t fix it and you are losing money.

A good web monitoring service checks your website every few minutes (you get to choose the distance between each check) and when it detects your website is down it sends out an alert. You can get the alert directly to your cell phone, Instant messenger (MSN, ICQ, Skype and so on) Email and even phone call – You name it.

A good web monitoring service also lets you choose the type of monitoring it will perform. There are standard monitoring checks where the header of your website is being downloaded and it can come to processor and download check ups.

You should expect your Web Monitoring service to do the following:

  • Monitor from various servers around the world and have backup servers in case the monitoring servers crash.
  • Have various monitoring methods.
  • Have various alert methods.
  • Low Price – Goes without saying.

I have several websites and they are hosted on several web servers, this is why I monitor one or more website from each server and this way I make sure that all servers are up and running. I choose to get the alerts via SMS text message directly to my cell phone, this way I can take care of the down time and avoid losing money.